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19/04/2015 09:16am. Vacant Moorings Available by Kenneth Routledge, Deputy Harbour Master
HHAL has a number of vacant moorings on Penpol Bank that have a maximum length of 19 feet. Moorings are also available on the Lelant Saltings with a limit of 35 feet and a draught of 5 feet. There is a limited tidal range on the Lelant Salting. Facilities are available for dry berthing. For further information please contact the Harbour Office.

17/04/2015 08:35am. Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
Scheduled meetings will be held at the Passmore Edwards meeting room at 1400 on the following dates:
8th July 2015 and 7th October 2015.

16/04/2015 09:10am. Local Notice To Mariners by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
HHAL LNtM 2/15 HHAL Local Notice To Mariners NCI St Ives

02/01/2015 14:50pm. Local Notice To Mariners by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
HHAL LNtM 1/15 HHAL Local Notice To Mariners Remaining In Force

17/09/2014 14:53pm. Local Notice To Mariners by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
HHAL LNtM 10/11 Kitesurfing within the jurisdiction of Hayle Harbour Authority
HHAL LNtM 2/13 Quayside Ladder

17/01/2013 12:04pm. Channel Entrance Buoys LNtM 11/12 refers by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
As a result of continual sand migration the Port and Starboard channel entrance buoys do not accurately mark the navigational channel. Following consultation with Trinity House the UKHO and Harbour Users. The decision has been taken to replace the buoys with a North Cardinal Buoy to manage the risk. Mariners without local knowledge wishing to enter the harbour are to contact the Harbour Master on 01736 754043.

17/01/2013 12:03pm. Port Marine Safety Code by Peter Haddock, Harbour Master
A hard copy of the Safety Management System is available for viewing at the Harbour Office.

Harbour Master
Peter Haddock CMIOSH
Tel: 01736 754043
Mob: 07580 992366
Fax: 01736 756632
Email: HM

Deputy Harbour Master
Kenneth Routledge
Tel: 01736 754043
Mob: 07500 993867
Fax: 01736 756632
Email: DHM

Designated Person
Rob Atkinson
Tel: 01841 532239
Email: DP

Hayle Harbour Authority Ltd
The Old Customs House
North Quay
TR27 4BL
Tel: 01736 754043
Fax: 01736 756632

HHAL Emergency Call 24 Hour Mobile 07500 993867 or call 999.

Hayle Harbour Authority Limited (HHAL)is the Statutory Harbour Authority for Hayle Harbour pursuant to the Hayle Harbour Act 1989.
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